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Company About Us

StretchMax International is a fully-fledged Company specializing in Import & Export and international trade with main focus in Yarn Sector. Since establishment, STRETCHMAX has supported business seeking sources in the markets all over the world to find the right services to provide our clients with first class product.

StretchMax International is strived to be the premier yarn dealer in the world. Our vision the future resolves around a perpetually changing supply chain the demands faster response, superior service, and enhanced speed to market. We have developed a culture that encourages research and development in order to provide customers with products that meet to needs of a variable marked. Not only does our focus on research cultivate innovative products, it also presents our customers with ability to conceive and develop new market trends.


Our mission at StretchMax international is to have satisfied customers worldwide by providing highly-quality products to the customer’s hone country following our approach deliver quality yarn. We are constantly challenging conventional methods in order to provide the very best of our services. This approach ensures we utilize the most effective Yarn Import & Export company to meet each customer’s unique product’s needs.