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Cotton yarns

Ring Plain, Ring Slub, Cotton Core Spun, Cotton/Poly Blended Yarn. Count Range: NE, 6/S ------ Up to NE. 80/S.


High Stretch Yarns

Stretchmax International is occupied with the assembling High Stretch Yarns finished. Best Quality Yarn are available in very large quantity . we provide the High Stretch Yarns whole country .

Polyester Filament

We have massive range of Polyester Filament yarn, which is widely used in Garments and Denim Count Range: 75D ----- Up to 600D. We have also available Polyester Air Covered Yarn. 75D + 20D, 150D + 20D, 150D + 40D, Available in both Raw White and Black.

Muff Dye

Muff Dye Yarns

We are dealing in Muff Dyed / Muff – Hank Dyed Available in both Polyester & Nylon. Polyester Counts: 150D, 300D, 450D. Nylon Counts: 70/2, 100/2.


RG O/E Yarn

This yarn is available in Raw White, Black and other colors as well. Count Range: NE, 6/S ----- Up to NE, 30/S.

Nylon Filament

We are dealing in both Hank Dyed and Dope Dyed yarns Count Range: NE, 30D ----- Up to NE, 300D